Sessions program

Workshop program :
Wednesday, September 11th to Friday, September 13th, 2019

Session 3 - Foresight visions and programs from agencies and industry
Chairpersons: Kyeong Ja Kim, Michel Blanc
15' JAXA’s planetary exploration plan for the next decades N. Ozaki
Y. Toukaku
15' Progress and Prospects of Unmanned Deep Space Exploration in China L. Ming
 L. Guo
15' KIGAM’s new direction for lunar science and exploration in conjunction with lunar and planetary ISRU K.J. Kim
15' KEYNOTE TALK: Eurospace recommendations for Human Presence & Exploration L. Gatti
15' OHB Planetary Exploration Enabling Technologies Involvements M. Berg
15' The view from TAS M-A. Perino
Session 4 - Enabling technologies
Chairpersons: Manuel Grande, Linli Guo
A- Scientific instrumentation for the future
15' KEYNOTE TALK: Results from the Chang’e 4 far-side Lunar lander:the plant growth experiment
G. Xie
15' Recent advances in in-situ miniaturized geochemical and Life Detection Instrumentation J-A. Rodriguez Manfredi
15' Medium and long-term perspectives of radio sounding and radar instrumentation techniques for the study of the surfaces and subsurfaces of solar system objects A. Herique
W. Kofman
S. Zine
15' Medium and long-term perspectives of seismology for the study and characterization of planetary and satellite interiors D. Mimoun
R. Garcia
P. Lognonné
15' Prospects of space geodesy and gravimetry for the future study of planetary and satellites interiors and geodynamics A. Genova
15' The mid and long-term future of mass spectrometry in solar system exploration H. Waite
(given by S. Bolton)
B- Platform and system level technologies
15' Exploration mission concepts based on miniaturized technologies,perspectives drawn from the LPCM 13 conference P. Bousquet 
15' Exploration technologies for advanced small platforms reaching to extreme environments M. Blanc
L. Guo
J. Huang 
15' The potential of electric propulsion: research at LPP and in the ANR industrial chair Poseidon A. Bourdon
P. Chabert
15' In space manufacturing and assembly of large systems C. Figus
15' Relevant technologies and validation assumptions for ISRU M. Blanc
L. Guo
15' The role of on-board autonomy in future space exploration: ERGO’s autonomous long traverse achievements in Morocco desert M. Graziano
given by
J-D. Jordan
15' Architecture and technology challenges of the Comet Interceptor Mission M. Bannister
EGU 2019
Space Technology and Instrumentation for the Second Half of the Twenty First Century: Visions for 2050 – 2061 M. Grande
Session 5 - Infrastructures and services for the future – part 1
Chairperson: N. Ozaki
15' Exploring Space through Sample Return Missions: How, Where, and What Do We Do with the Rocks? A. Hutzler
15' Exploring Space through Sample Return Missions: Planetary Protection andContamination Control and Knowledge. A. Hutzler
15' Future infrastructures to monitor Solar-System-wide space weather N. André
15' Planetary plasmas data systems: towards the future V. Génot
Session 5 - Infrastructures and services for the future – part 2
Chairperson:Stéphanie Lizy-Destrez
Lunar Exploration and Horizon 2061 special event at ISAE-Supaéro (18:30 – 21:00)
 30'  From lunar outposts to the Moon Village B. Foing 
 30'  The cislunar gateway as an infrastructure for lunar and solar system exploration S. Lizy-Destrez 
Session 7 - Implementation, international collaboration, workshop synthesis and reporting
Chairpersons: Maria Teresa Capria, R. Mc Nutt
20' Keynote talk: Enabling power and methodologies of international cooperation E. Ammannito
15' Workshop summary document M. Blanc
15' Final round-table discussion Moderators :
M. T. Capria
R. Mc Nutt
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